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Calling All Performers!

We are organizing a benefit dance performance to be performed July 28-30. But wait! This show isn't just a dolly-dinkle way to justify asking people for money. Oh no. We are inviting 12 student choreographers to create pieces for our show. Each choreographer will create two dances, and the dances must be linked somehow. How? Well, that's up to you. And to help you create the very best work you can, we have a panel of professional choreographers who have agreed to mentor your works-in-progress. This is a great chance for you hone your skills or try something new. Applications can be found at

All dance genres are welcome. We are organizing a diverse, vibrant performance.
No previous choreography experience is required.

And for those of you who don't want to choreograph, but who want to come see the terrifically creative dances, our show (Take Two) will be performed July 28-30, 7 p.m. at Classical Ballet Academy (875 S 170 W, Provo). Tickets will be $5, available at the door.

Too many BYU Dentists?

So I've been at BYU for a while now, and in my experience I have noticed that a great deal of BYU students want to become dentist. In fact on the BYU predental club website it say that the BYU predental club is the 'largest and most active club in the nation.'

There are pros to this. Like some great predental classes offered for BYU students. But there are also cons, like too many students from BYU increasing the competition for dental schools. I am wondering what's going on, and why BYU produces so many dentist.

Is there something about the Mormon religion that makes people want to be dentist? Perhaps it is because becoming a dentist is hard (How to Become A Dentist) and LDS people tend to take the hard road. Or, maybe it has something to do with the lifestyle of a dentist after graduation.

I'd be curious to hear your opinions on the matter. Peace out!

BYU Bathrooms

There is a new blog about the bathrooms/restrooms/the john/the loo/lavatories/washrooms/porcelain palaces here on the campus of BYU. Whatever you want to call them is fine, but the fact is most of us use them every and experiences can sometimes be not so great. So the point of this blog is to keep you informed about where to go with pictures, commentary and ratings. All information comes from interviews and personal visits by myself. *Pictures inside womens bathrooms coming soon*

So check back every once and a while to see if one of the bathrooms you frequent comes up, make comments on your own experiences and rate them yourself, tweet at me if there's something urgent happening; this is supposed to be interactive. And hopefully you will find where/how your on-campus bathroom experience can be the best that it can be.

(on campus you have use, the domain is blocked due to "unusually high amount of visitors for a new registration)

Win a free Chrome notebook from Provo-based LucidChart

Yesterday, Google announced on its blog that it is partnering with Provo-based LucidChart to give away 100 Chrome Cr-48 notebooks. These users will be part of a pilot program to test the laptops and provide feedback to Google.

Because LucidChart is an online diagramming and flowcharting application, it will select winners who make the most creative diagrams and share them in its online library. More details about the contest and how to enter can be found here. Contest runs through February 12.

The Lighting of The RiverWoods (Live Music, Santa Claus, etc.)

Come down to The Shops At Riverwoods for our Annual Street Lighting Festival -- The Lighting of Riverwoods!

On Friday, November 19 from 6 - 9 pm, visit The Shops At Riverwoods for an unbelievable evening of holiday entertainment. Enjoy live music from Cameron Rafati, BYUs Noteworthy, and The Utah Valley Handbell Ringers.

Stay for ice-sculpting, giveaways and chances to win FREE tickets to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Bring the whole family down for carriage rides "over the river, and through the woods." Don't miss out on a visit from our very special guest -- Santa Claus! Santa will be at The Shops At Riverwoods every day leading up until Christmas to take pictures and holiday requests.

Come down to the Shops At Riverwoods for holiday shopping with FREE gift wrapping and gifts with proof of purchase. You'll be shopping in a "Winter Wonderland" on our newly remodeled plaza.

Family Support & Treatment Center in Need of Donations

The Family Support & Treatment Center
1255 North 1200 West
Orem, UT 84057
(801) 229-1181

Holiday food drives in December are the main source of food supplies for centers such as the Family Support and Treatment Center in Orem, which is the first line of defense for children removed from their homes. However, these resources usually run very low by the beginning of fall.

Last fiscal year, the Family Support and Treatment Center had 526 children it its nursery, provided shelter care for 14 children removed from their homes, and served 127 children in the adoption and respite program. The location in Orem is the largest Family Support and Treatment Center in Utah, serving Utah, Wasatch, Summit, Juab and Millard counties. With so many regions being served, it is easy to see why donations are in such high demand.

Development Coordinator Carrie Liljenquist says that the facility sees miracle after miracle. Most often these miracles result from donation the members of the community make. For example, a woman came in one day seeking a high chair for her young child. Staff at the Family Support and Treatment Center told her that the facility usually does not receive donations like that, but said they would keep their eyes open. Only a few hours later, a couple came in with a high chair they were wondering if the center could use.

On another day, a caregiver was worried about what she would feed the children for dinner that night. Later that day, a donor brought in a large food donation, alleviating the worry over what the children would eat.

Donations are accepted all year round, but are in especially high demand right now. Food donations including canned food, box dinners, and gift certificates to grocery stores are examples of some of the things the Family Support and Treatment Center needs. A more complete listing can be found on their website.

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