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30 Days episode about same sex parenting

Did anyone else catch this episode of 30 Days?

Same Sex Parenting: 30 Days

Its about an LDS woman who goes to live with two gay men and their four adopted children for a month.

It would be a tough position for any person with beliefs against homosexual marriage to be in, but I think this woman should have really used more tact and thought in the way she approached the situation. Its not like she didn't know what was coming at her, but she still seemed to not have thought about how to respectfully disagree with other's lifestyles.


Provo Fireworks

Hey everyone, I just have a quick question. The 4th of July is coming and I was just wondering where is the best place to watch the fireworks. I've heard there will be many fireworks at the Stadium of Fire.

Would it be a good idea to hike up into Y mountian or better to sit outside the stadium to watch. Yeah, I am too poor to actually get into the stadium. =(

Are there any other great sites where we might go? Thanks very much, happy 4th.


Motorcycle Insurance

Have you ever wanted something really badly... but felt too guilty to act.

For years I have been tempted to buy a motorcycle. I admit, I love motorcycles, both sport bikes and some cruisers. There is something subtly beautiful in motorcycles... you should see the new sleek Suzuki Boulevard M109R.

Now here is the problem! I always talk myself out of buying one.

First, they are dangerous (or at least more than a car). But, if you are careful, mature, and a skilled rider, you can reduce the risks somewhat.

Second, in Utah a bike is half useless. A winter ride may very well be your last ride. Yet, despite the half-a-year value, the serene mountain roads with summer vistas add some bonus points.

So, as you can see I am wandering in the middle of the road on this decision. I always get to this point and then realize there is one more thing. And it tips the balance...

Who will be John McCain's Vice President?

Kirby Heyborne, The Best Two Years and Miller Light's Favorite Star

I don't know how many of you have recently seen the new Miller Light commercial where Kirby Heyborne and another guy are listening through the cement to calculate the distance to the next beer party.

I was quite shocked when I first saw it. For those that don't know Kirby Heyborne starred in the Best Two Years. First he's this great role model in the Best Two Years and then he's representing Miller light.

However after reading an article on him, I think I understand why he did it. He needed the money. Who are we to judge, yes it makes him seem a bit less sincere in movies but hey everyone has got to pay the bills.

Although I am curious to see if he'll ever be able to land anymore Mormon roles again.

Let me know what you guys think of it, if you want to read the article, I saw it here:


BYU Girls in Bikinis

So it's summer now, and there's no better place to spend it than by the pool. But I am just a little confused about the swim wear, please tell me what you think.

At my previous apartment, one that is definitely BYU APPROVED, I always saw girls laying around the pool in their bikinis. Seems like something around 4 out of 10, almost every time.

Now I don't really care, I just don't understand.

I thought that a long time ago the Prophet said girls should wear modest swim wear only, meaning no bikinis. Now after coming to BYU I'm confused. I meet some of the most amazing girls. These girls are so spiritually strong, but they still wear bikinis.

Was that a standard that was given by the Prophet or just a tale my mother used to tell me?

Also I'm a bit curious what guys think of that? Is it just no big deal or something that the prophet once warned women against?

BYU...When Were You/Are You There

Per an earlier post a fellow made regarding walking passed the hole in the ground where DT was, I suddenly became curious where those who visit here are now and when you were at the Y.

Myself I started at BYU winter term 1985 and graduated in 1988. I was a transfer student from the University of Michigan and did two additional terms in the summer and one in the spring (my favorite time to be in Provo, by the way). I currently split my time between Marina Del Rey, CA and Manhattan, NY.

I am always interested in hearing about folks experiences at the Y and living in Provo, in general. Last summer I found my old daily journals and began transferring the handwritten scribble into MS word on my laptop with the intention of creating an online bog, as it were, of my time at the Y. It's taken me a year thus far to complete 400 pages, which covers only about two years.

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