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Advice on getting into BYU

Hey everyone my name is Kristy and I'm from Texas and I really want to live in provo and go to school. I need to some advice on how to get into BYU.

I have a very low GPA and only a few extra cirricular activities. I just haven't done that much. Are there any kind of tips or things I should do that could help me get in?

I thought about going to UVSC but the tuition is SO expensive for people who are out of state!. What should I be doing or working on to get into BYU, any advice? Thanks.

Mitt Romney for Veep

Have you seen this website.

It is a company / group that is trying to get Mitt Romney elected to Vice President. I didn't even know that we could do that. It looks like they are trying to put some pressure on McCain. They are trying to get him to choose Romney.

After looking over the site, however, I noticed this at the bottom of the page, "© 2008 LLC • Not affiliated with the Romney or McCain campaigns", could it be that they are just trying to make some cash with T-Shirts and things?

David Cook vs David Archuleta

Hey guys, my name is Brittany I'm new to this site but Ben told me it was pretty sweet.

I just finished watching American Idol and I'm totally bummed that Archuleta lost. It seems so unfair another close win for the Mormons. First Rommney lost when I was totally convinced he would do well, now Archuleta looses! We just can't get a break.

Do you think David Cook got sympathy votes because all the judges bashed him so hard the night before? Maybe its for the best, Archuleta can prepare for a mission now.

Why does the south always lose?

From history, it seems some of the most famous wars in history have been fought for South VS North. What's more is that the South always seems to lose. Whether it's the Southern States of the Confederacy, South Vietnam or South Korea, they seem to always get their tail kicked.

To my point though, I'm curious about the North VS South side of campus I've heard about. What is the difference, if any, or even by rumor, of living from either on the North and South side of Brigham Young University? Is one side more righteous then the other?

What would improve the image of's website the most?

Different Fonts
0% (0 votes)
Different Layout/Composition of Web Elements
23% (5 votes)
Different Headline Image/Graphic
5% (1 vote)
More Images/Icons
14% (3 votes)
Updated bullet lists/links
9% (2 votes)
No improvements are needed.
23% (5 votes)
Only a few minor adjustments are needed.
27% (6 votes)
Total votes: 22

The 5 things UVSC should do to really become a university

I just posted this article on The Pipeline, but I wanted to get some feedback from you Provo Pulsers:

While the big transition from UVSC to UVU is just a few months away, one wonders if the name change will really transform the school. Here are my top five things we think the school could (and should) do to really become a university:

1. Live up to Global Engagement promise: With such a high percentage of returned LDS missionaries, UVU has one of the most bilingual college populations in the country. UVU should capitalize on this advantage by making foreign languages part of the core curriculum. Every student graduating from UVU should be encouraged to be proficient in another language.

ProvoPulse is back and better!

Hello everyone,

My name is Ben and I am the new owner of ProvoPulse. I'm also the webmaster of (you might have heard of the website around BYU). I am a current BYU student and am excited for this website.

When I got the site I wanted to fix the database. It was an older version of Drupal and it had lots of spam posts. I thought it was going to be a an easy fix but I was wrong! It took more time than anticipated, however, I am excited that the site is up and running.

We've taken the old database (Drupal 4) and upgraded it a newer and better one (Drupal 5). We are also in the process of removing all the spam posts that got past the filters in the past.

I can see great changes and updates for ProvoPulse in the future. It has come a long way and I have been an avid fan of the website for more than year now. I am hoping to do my part to keep the site strong and Provo connected!



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