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What a joke: The BYU Finals Survival Kit

I just got an email from the BYU Student Alumni Association which addressed me as "Dear Parent" and asked me to buy a BYU Finals Survival Kit for "[my] student".

It costs $30 and includes the following:

  • BYU Mug
  • BYU Message Magnets
  • BYU Pencil
  • Chocolate Bar
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Fruit Juice
  • Skittles or Starbursts
  • Kellogg's Pop-Tarts
  • Cheese and Crackers
  • Granola Bar
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Gum
  • Fleece Blanket (only included in the first 300 orders)

Now, I really don't understand why I'm on the alumni list seeing as how I've got a year and a half to graduate. And even if was already an alumni I probably wouldn't have children at BYU yet.

But that's not my point. My point is that this "kit" is retarded. Who would pay $30 for this?

Actually--come to think of it--that's not my point either. My point is that while this kit may be a dumb idea, it's the thinking behind selling it that's really troublesome. Why would BYU choose to spam it's alumni with this stuff?

To my understanding, the whole idea with alumni relations is to build good relationships with former students so that they'll feel more inclined to donate money to the university when you choose to kindly ask them for it. Using spam email to hit them up for their $30 in exchange for your cruddy Finals Survival Kit is not the way to go about doing this.


There. I feel all better now.


This makes me upset. It's another example of how the juggernaut BYU does NOT exemplify the morals I'd expect. Greed obviously turns some of the wheels at the "Lord's University."

lighten up...

I wouldn't have made it through finals without my BYU mug.



I didn't receive it.

I'm on the alumni list. I know because I receive emails periodically about things like Homecoming and the upcoming bowl game, etc.

But i didn't receive a copy of the email you're talking about. Looked in my spam folder too.

They must have made a mistake.

And LOL on the "I wouldn't have made it through finals without my BYU mug"! :)

I loved getting my finals

I loved getting my finals survival kit from my parents Freshman year! A care package is always fun to get, especially when you're dealing with stress. If parents wanted to ship a similar package from home, the cost would be close to the price of the package. I see nothing wrong with selling alumni something for their kids at school for a reasonable price.

my school's student alumni

my school's student alumni association does this too. It's not necessarily aimed at Alumni, it's just something nice they do for parents on the side of their alumni relations stuff. you probably got it (and not your parents) because your home address/permanent address in the student database is your current school address. They were probably hoping to send it to your parents, but got you instead. And really, it's not just for making money, because they probably are not making a huge profit off of this kit; it's probably just providing an easy way for your parents to show they care (kind of the equivalent of hallmark cards...not very personable but they get the point across). For a parent who is missing their first-year-in-college freshman, it's probably very worth $30.

I think someone's a little

I think someone's a little green with envy because their parents don't love them enough to hit them up with a survival kit. They're not trying to scam anyone, what the alumni pay for is what they get. The parents aren't buying the kits because of the quality but because of the message that it sends to their kid. It's more thoughtful then begging for money, at least this way it raises money while doing something considerate. You need to freaking relax, it's not like their out to get you. I'd hate to see how you react to when the Girl Scouts come to your door trying to "scam" you a box of cookies.

Child please!

I wish I had gotten one

I'm preparing to study for finals and I really wish someone had gotten me one, especially the mug! apparently I can't make it through finals without it. Plus, maybe they are just trying to raise more funds, seeing as how 90% of the tuition is subsidized already, so they do not have great amount of extra cash floating around as other universities. I think you should be proud to say you are an alumni of such a great college. Don't let this bother you. You have other problems you have to worry about, like which one of my kids is going to get sick next...unless your not married, or don't have kids. in which case, you should worry about that.

I think it's brilliant.

I'm a freshman, and coming home to one of these randomly sitting on my table? And neither one of my room mates having one? It's kinda the best feeling ever, and it makes you feel very loved. Especially since I hadn't even heard of it, but it definitely added something positive to this stressful week.