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Myspace professor ratings

I noticed myspace has added a really cool feature which allows you to grade professors in college that you have had. This can serve as a guide for students signing up for classes to make sure they get decent teachers.

I also see this being a really good tool for teachers to use to get honest feedback on their performance. It will encourage teachers to improve their teaching if they become less popular because they are rated poorly.

There were already quite a few ratings for teachers at UVSC and I was able to add my own. The more people who use it, the more useful it will be.

The one problem with the system

I agree that the Rate My Professor feature on myspace is pretty cool...more information is always better. My one problem is that anyone can leave a comment without actually having been a student, and that you can basically say anything without having to back it up. I have shown this site to professor friends of mine and for the most part they think it is great, but they can also see the potential for an angry student with a grudge to cause havoc.

UVSC is actually moving their own quality control surveys to the web. I believe you can access it via UVLink. This insures that the student actually took the class. Believe me, these kinds of surveys are taken seriously by both faculty and administration because they are the basis for merit pay-increases and tenure.

Oh by the way....

I didn't realize that the original story was posted by sam-i-am. Sam when are you gonna come back to the paper? And bring Steve back with you!

Another site

I've been a fan of for a while, although it requires a $5 subscription. It tells you the average grade given by the professor in different classes.

once I figure out how to pay

once I figure out how to pay for continuing my education...