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BYU issues

BYU Bathrooms

There is a new blog about the bathrooms/restrooms/the john/the loo/lavatories/washrooms/porcelain palaces here on the campus of BYU. Whatever you want to call them is fine, but the fact is most of us use them every and experiences can sometimes be not so great. So the point of this blog is to keep you informed about where to go with pictures, commentary and ratings. All information comes from interviews and personal visits by myself. *Pictures inside womens bathrooms coming soon*

So check back every once and a while to see if one of the bathrooms you frequent comes up, make comments on your own experiences and rate them yourself, tweet at me if there's something urgent happening; this is supposed to be interactive. And hopefully you will find where/how your on-campus bathroom experience can be the best that it can be.

(on campus you have use, the domain is blocked due to "unusually high amount of visitors for a new registration)

Experience and Advice for a BYU application

My name is Conner Thompson and I am a freshman in highschool. My dream is to be a student at Brigham Young University and join the great animation department there. The problem is, I'm not sure if I am on the right track concerning grades.
I finished this school year with a 3.68 GPA average. I am involved in no extra-curricular activities other than city-league baseball and boy scouts. I was selected for the Spanish Honor Award and attended the Language Fair held at the Wilkinson's Center. I am LDS and active and have lived in Utah for ten years. I'm not sure if these will help or not, but I know I should get involved in more after-school things.
Could anyone possibly predict an ending GPA I would have to get throughout the rest of my high school career?
Any extra-curricular activities I could do that fit my description?
Thank you for your help!

BYU chances

I'm not sure if people use this website to hunt this sort of advice often, but I read another article that helped a fair amount; it just wasn't specific enough.
I'm from England, I'm in my second year of college which I think is the same age as being in your last year of High School (17/18).

I do quite a few extra curricular activities, nothing extreme or majorly extraordinary. Kiickboxing is probably the most abnormal of the lot.
My Dad gave me the idea of going to BYU just a few weeks before we started the University Application process in England. Therefore loving this idea I pinned all hopes on it assuming if I didn't get in, I could apply after my mission and so on.

Same Sex Marriage Affects You

You need to watch this video, it is an outrage!

BYU Girls in Bikinis

So it's summer now, and there's no better place to spend it than by the pool. But I am just a little confused about the swim wear, please tell me what you think.

At my previous apartment, one that is definitely BYU APPROVED, I always saw girls laying around the pool in their bikinis. Seems like something around 4 out of 10, almost every time.

Now I don't really care, I just don't understand.

I thought that a long time ago the Prophet said girls should wear modest swim wear only, meaning no bikinis. Now after coming to BYU I'm confused. I meet some of the most amazing girls. These girls are so spiritually strong, but they still wear bikinis.

Was that a standard that was given by the Prophet or just a tale my mother used to tell me?

Also I'm a bit curious what guys think of that? Is it just no big deal or something that the prophet once warned women against?

Advice on getting into BYU

Hey everyone my name is Kristy and I'm from Texas and I really want to live in provo and go to school. I need to some advice on how to get into BYU.

I have a very low GPA and only a few extra cirricular activities. I just haven't done that much. Are there any kind of tips or things I should do that could help me get in?

I thought about going to UVSC but the tuition is SO expensive for people who are out of state!. What should I be doing or working on to get into BYU, any advice? Thanks.

The Truth, the whole Truth, and Nothing but the truth.

Well i'm off to Iraq in 10 days (USMC), but upon my return, I will be getting out of the Military and plan on attending BYU full time. I have a lot of hopes, aspirations and dreams ahead of me, but I would be naieve to believe that BYU is perfect. That said, I'm an LDS member who follows "The Rules", even in an extremely tempting enviroment such as the military.

So, what I am curious to know is how the society around BYU is set up. Is everyone generally church loving individuals who love the gospel, the church and to learn or are there individual problem groups that break the rules, etc. Is the honor code really kept up very well up there?

I ask because I have some college educated Lieutenants in my unit that said they have "been to BYU a couple of times" and that it's "Crazy up there" with parties and sex and that I "Should not be surprised or get my hopes up on BYU".

I have my faith, but just give me a little reassurence please, lol.

Thanks for you input, have a grea

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